Monday, June 22, 2009


A couple months ago I decided I needed to put something on the empty, empty walls of my bedroom. I wanted something to go with the colors in my room already, so I went looking around for art with brown, turquoise and blue. I was unable to find anything affordable and agreeable, so I decided to MAKE something instead. Despite my apparent craftiness (?), I'm not really that artistic. I like to measure things and use straight edges and what not. So this was a challenge.
I found some canvas at Michaels, and picked out paint in the colors I wanted. I scouted some paintings online for inspiration, and then had at it. So anyway, enough blabbing. Here is the painting I did.


  1. Nice! Maybe someone will pay thousands of dollars for it someday. :p

  2. Do you need a painting for your apartment? For you, good price. Only ONE thousand dollars.