Monday, June 22, 2009

Armoire Progress

I made quite a bit of progress on the armoire this weekend between roller coaster rides at Cedar point.
After finding that the Ace Hardware doesn't carry the type of hinge that I needed, I took a second trip to the Home Depot hoping for better luck. Nope. Turns out this hinge is exceedingly strange and none of the people I talked to at the Home Depot had ever seen one of this shape. So, I have a plan b, which is to spray paint the current hinges silver. I found a chrome silver spray paint which I bought but have yet to try it out.
The offending hinge.

I decided that I wanted to paint the inside of the armoire a bright color, for a little surprise when you open the doors. I found an awesome color in the "Oops Section" at Home Depot, and got a whole gallon for only $5.

No, mom, I didn't paint on the carpet.
This is basically the furniture version of a mullet. I am very excited. Hopefully she will be done by tomorrow.

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