Monday, June 22, 2009

Bathroom edits

I've done some decorating in my bathroom. I liked this set of circular mirrors from Target, but I was having a hard time swallowing the price tag. Before I found those tiny mirrors that I used on the pillows, I stumbled upon circular mirrors at one of my favorite stores (Michaels). Not only did they have many different sizes--from less than an inch in diameter to nearly a foot in diameter. I was able to buy several more mirrors than the number included in the set at Target for less than half the price. I was extremely pleased with myself. I put them up almost immediately, and even followed by the decorate-with-odd-numbers rule. I really like their positioning in my bathroom, I put them on the largest empty wall. They also make it easier for me to see the back of my head while looking in my vanity mirror. :D
I needed more storage in the bathroom, and was interested in using the wall space next to the door for it. I found a kit for this shelving unit for a very reasonable price, and brought it home. It came unpainted and unassembled, so I primed and painted it white, and then assembled. Turns out I don't own a level, which made it hard to make the shelves straight, as you can see from the top shelf. Ahh! The glass jars hold my cotton balls and q-tips (and up there they're not at risk of being knocked off by a kitteh) and the basket has combs and brushes. The basket is the same as the one on the back of my toilet which holds my makeup. I looked at white baskets, but couldn't find one that lived up to my standards.
I chose to paint the shelf white because the cabinet in the bathroom is white, although the white shelf on white wall is a little borring. It might end up getting repainted a different color.

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