Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finished!! Well, mostly.

I have essentially finished the armoire! I need to do some touch up painting, which I'm planning to do in a week or so, but today I spray painted the hinges (worked awesomely...), put the doors back on, and then put the DVD player and TV back in its place! I made the decision to not put the black tray back in, because it was nearly as heavy as the tv itself, and causing the shelf to sag. When the shelf sagged, the bottom door wouldn't close. Without the tray, it works beautifully.
I am not 100% on the handles-- I can't decide if they match the style of the armoire or not (I guess this whole project has been about "changing" the style). I am going to leave them for a week or so to see if I get used to them, or am still thinking about changing them.


  1. i like the handles, but i could see not curvy handles on the drawer being nice too. it looks really sleek.