Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sneak Peak

It might seem like I haven't been crafting lately, as I was recently accused, but this is just not true!! I have just been so busy crafting that I haven't had time to blog. I spent a majority of the weekend working on my dress. Its looking good, I think. It has approached a nice middle ground where it will be OK to wear outside of my apartment, but I won't be fooling anyone into thinking it is store bought. But I'm OK with that-- if I wanted it to look store bought I would have bought it in a store, not spent time making it.
The picture above is the fabric I have been using-- its a nice royal blue with white...spots on it. I liked it because it is silky, and not a plain color. I wear a lot of plain colors in general, so I wanted to make something different.
Making the dress has been fun, and aggravating. I started by making the dress out of muslin. Muslin is a pretty cheap way to practice making and tweaking a garment. I made the muslin dress basically just because I am very new to sewing, and even newer to my machine. I wanted to get a handle on the sewing machine before I started risking my pretty, expensive fabric. I am very greatful that I did the muslin one, because I did learn about using my machine, and also about constructing this particular dress. The pattern comes with 2 options- sleeveless or without sleeves. Originally I wanted to make the one with sleeves, and while making the muslin sleeves was ok, the collar was a mess and connecting the collar to the dress to the sleeves could have been a struggle. So my real dress is sleeveless.
I will write more about this, and (reveal the pattern!) tomorrow while I am supposed to be working.

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