Friday, October 26, 2012

Third Sewing Class

Last night was sewing class number 3, and I made some great progress! I had finalized my muslin in the previous class, so this session was time to start cutting the real fabric. I was super nervous about cutting my precious fabric but took a deep breath and went for it.
After I cut the wool, I cut out the underlining. We're using organza for the underlining, which the teacher provided. I had a choice between black and charcoal, I went with the charcoal because it was already out. No one is going to see this when the dress is finished so I wasn't worried about the color.
For the underlining, we used our already cut out wool pieces as the template, and cut at least 1/4 inch extra around each edge. The reason for that is so when we sew the two pieces together the organza will stay bigger than the wool. If the wool is bigger than the organza, when sewn together it will pucker. So I left a generous sidewalk around each piece. After they are sewn together to my liking I will trim the excess.

I'm excited to keep working on this through the next two weeks, as we don't have class next week. Michelle asked that everyone be done underlining their pieces by our next class. I am super excited for this dress to take shape!

Below: The pile of all my wool and organza pieces!

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