Sunday, August 14, 2011

Glittered Heels

For a while, I've been obsessed with glittered shoes. Kitten heels, pumps, open toed pumps...Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo, Mui Mui....
The problem with this is I can't afford to buy a pair of Kate Spade shoes...but even more, I'm unsure how practical they will be for "everyday" wear, which is the test I put all of my clothing and shoes through. 

Glitter Heels

Christian Louboutin platform pumps
$895 -

Christian Louboutin glitter pumps
$805 -

Miu Miu glitter pumps
$476 -

Jimmy choo shoes
$495 -

Betsey johnson shoes
$119 -

High heel shoes
$120 -

JustFabulous glitter pumps
$50 -

I've seen a couple DIY glittered shoes around the internet, and I decided to try it myself.
I had a pair of shoes I felt were good candidates, but I liked them as is too, so I set out on a hunt for affordable shoes to glitter. I went to the Salvation Army, and as luck would have it, I found an awesome, brand new pair of black opened toe ankle strap pumps. 

I bought them, but by the time I got home, I was already unsure that I wanted to glitter them, as I loved them in their current state. Also, the ankle strap and heel height made them slightly more dressy than I was intending. So, I decided to glitter the original heels and keep the "new" ones I had bought black! The shoes I ended up using are from Target, from a couple years ago. They're comfortable and I actually have them in two colors. 

All you need for this project is a pair of shoes, some glitter, modge podge, a little newspaper and some clear enamel spray paint.
 It was beautiful out that day, so I decided to work outside on my balcony.

Mix some modge podge and glitter- I used Martha Stewart's smokey quartz glitter, bought at Michael's for $3.99. I really just eyeballed it, no exact recipes here.

First Coat 
It took me about 4 coats to achieve the level of uhh...glitteirness that I wanted. As you can see, I also glittered a barrette I had laying around. I find when I have glue and glitter mixed, and even a little bit left over, I get giddy looking around trying to find something else to glitter.

I stuffed some newspaper into the shoes to protect the insides, and then sprayed a coat of clear enamel that I bought at Ace Hardware, also for $3.99.

Voila! The finished project. Prepare yourself, friends. I will be wearing these around town starting tomorrow morning!


  1. Holy Moley this worked?! I'm doing it.

  2. Cool on the glitter shoes Alison. That turquoise wrap dress will be stunning on you. I love the triangular (bias?) detail below the belt. I've been buying fab at for years. If you want a swatch or three they will mail for free. 3x3" square, also in large amounts. Chanel jackets...Wow. in Royal Oak has beauteous boucles!

  3. I wonder about the studrdiness of the glitter, like, will it peel off?

  4. Iris, I've worn the shoes to work twice now, and I really don't think the glitter is going anywhere. I think its probably important to make your layers of modge podge thin, and do more of them to really prevent cracking/peeling. Maybe I'll post follow up pictures after I've worn them more?
    Either way, this was a inexpensive way to get something that's not really so practical, and reuse a pair of shoes that were shortly headed for the garbage.

  5. Stopping by from Mod Podge Rocks, and OH MY GLITTERNESS, I will be making myself a pair of these and SOON!! I have a very tough time finding comfortable shoes, and when I do, they are usually basic black, brown, boring. Can't wait to glitterize myself some fall fun!!

  6. OH. EM. GEE. I am going to Michael's RIGHT now to get my aqua colored glitter. *In love*

  7. Just thought I'd tell you I linked you in my post about my version of this AWESOME upcycling!