Sunday, February 28, 2010

Things I've been meaning to post for a while

A while back I came across a store called "Calico Corners." I had never heard of it, but its apparently a chain of home decor fabrics (ie NOT apparel). I was quite excited and inspired by some of what I found in the store. Below are two pictures I took with my cell phone while there:
 There was a lot of other less cool stuff there too, but overall I was impressed. I had a project in mind at the time and I thought these fabrics were good candidates (albeit more expensive than I was into)

Well, since I have been on spring break for about 48 hours, I decided it was time to do a project. The first thing I did was rearrange my living room- remove the black side table near the window, move the couch down, and put the armoire/tv back in the corner. Also I switched around a lot of my lamps. Specifically, I switched the floor and table lamp from my office into the living room, and moved the eiffel tower lamp down to the side table.
I had some ugly pillows on my couch that I bought with the intention of recovering. So I decided that could be my next project. I went to Joanns with the intent of getting some fabric that could go over those pillows,but while I was there I was struck with a better idea.

Remember this chair? Well I found a fabric that I could see myself covering that chair with. I can't find the fabric on Joanns, so you'll just have to see the actually pictures.
First you can see the pillows I made for the couch. I think the living room is really starting to come together.
This is what I did for the seat. Be patient- this isnt 100% done yet. The pillows really are the same size even if they look different in this picture. The front of the cushion needs some work- it's rounded in the front and was a challenge for me.

The best part is yet to be reveiled: one of the things I didn't like about the chair was the back. It was a little less formal than I would have liked. So I found a way to make it look more like a chair and less like patio furniture. I considered buying some foam and really making a back, but that would eliminate the need for the pillows. This worked well and it was much easier than my other ideas.

 This is the back- looking good, right? A lot more like an actual chair.

And a side view. I basically just made a case for the back and slipped it over. Probably the easiest part of the whole project.