Friday, October 19, 2012

Sewing Class #2

Last night was our second sewing class, and we continued fitting work on our muslin. I had spent a little time over the past week tweaking the muslin myself, so I had time to draft and add a sleeve to my muslin. In the picture it is full length but on the final dress it will be 3/4 length. 

In addition to adding a little room around the waist, we pinched out some fabric along the neckline to get it to lay flat. I have always had a gapping problem in that area but was never sure what to do about it outside of making some darts. But now I have learned a way to fix it! 

I'm not sure why the back looks so wrinkly, but perhaps its because I'm fitting over my pants. 

Also, a fabric update, I did go ahead and buy the raspberry wool. And I think it is going to be awesome!

I think its a great color for my complexion and also a color that will never go out of style. I can't wait to start cutting the dress and underlining it! We'll start that next Thursday. I'll have more pictures then.

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