Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Bathroom Cabinet

Where we left off last, my bathroom looked like this:

Big empty wall, and a tiny little medicine cabinet. I thought about doing open shelves in that area, but ultimately I wanted to be able to hide some of my things out of sight so I didn't have to throw everything under the sink when someone came by.
Enter this cabinet!
I got it for $59 at Home Depot. I tried to find a similar cabinet at various resale stores instead of buying a new one, but I had no luck and I was running out of patience. Home Depot actually has a reasonable selection of these types of cabinets- more shallow than a regular kitchen cabinet and yet the same height. The guy at home depot told me these are called "Over John" cabinets. Lovely.

The cabinet stayed in my car until the weekend when Mike and I could put it up. We watched several youtube videos on ways to install cabinets, and decided on a basic approach of drilling pilot holes in the wall and corresponding holes in the cabinet, putting anchors in the wall and then screwing through the cabinet into the wall. I just have to show you how we managed to keep the cabinet at the height we wanted without breaking our arms, AKA I didn't buy all those textbooks for nothing!

This is the junk I'm talking about. 

Now you know what I read.

Mike is really excellent (and exact) at tasks like this, so I'm certain I could hang off this cabinet and it wouldn't fall down (not that I'm going to try) but also it is perfectly level, and even with the top of the mirror. Well done, Mike!

I want to pretty up that area now with some unnecessary accessories like a plant and maybe some pretty candles or something, but for now, this is what my bathroom looks like. I'm quite happy with the outcome!

The two things left that bug me are doing something with that dang ugly counter top (perhaps painting it), and making a curtain of some sort to cover the strange open space under half of the counter. Actually, I would really love to find the same fabric that my shower curtain is made of. The shower curtain is from Target, about 3 summers ago. Anyone have one kicking around that I could buy? I've tried to find one on Ebay, etc but have had no luck.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Simplicity 2444

This past weekend was a good one. I got several projects around my condo done, errands run and even finished a sewing project!
While browsing Joann's on Saturday, I came across this fabric from April Johnston's line. 
I liked it, but I wasn't sure what I would make with it, so I didn't pick it up (trying to resist the urge to hoard fabric!). Then later in the store I saw a repackage of Simplicity 2444 as Simplicity 0345 or something like that, which was just view A of this pattern below, and it was made in the above fabric. I decided this is what I would make with the fabric. Luckily Simplicity patterns were on sale at Joann's still, so I was able to get a copy of the full pattern for $1.99. I bought 2444 so I'd have the options of the neckline variations and sleeve variations in the future.

The dress sewed up really easily, I finished it in just a couple hours. The only change I made was to use pre-made bias tape instead of the facing the include in the pattern. This was just sheer laziness. I also used iron-on hem tape for the first time--not like stitch witchery, but a nice ribbon with adhesive on it that you use to finish a hem. Perhaps you all know what this is, I had never seen it before. I got it in a large lot of sewing notions at the Salvation Army several months ago. 

I wore the dress to work with a bright orange cardigan, a pink beaded necklace and nude suede wedges, all from Target! (I love that place). I felt very springy, even though it rained most of the day.

Here is the dress without the cardigan.You cant see the bias tape, and that's the idea! I really love how it fits, and I lucked out again and didn't make any alterations. I think I will put a dart or two around the neckline to get it to lay flat but otherwise it is good to go. Apparently I need a new hairdo.

Have you sewn this pattern? Did you like it?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Early Summer Butterick Patterns!

As if I don't have enough patterns already, I've looked over the new "early summer" offerings from Butterick and made some picks.

First, B5749:

I like this one because it looks dressy, but not so dressy that I couldn't wear it to work. I like the draping of the neck and waist. 


Another one that I see as versatile, able to dress up or down. Plus it looks very breezy and summery.

I really like view B of this pattern. I am currently digging the look of the skirt. I'm unsure if I would leave the ruffle on there or not, but I guess it gives it some nice visual appeal. 

Unfortunately this round of patterns lacks any in the "WTF" category, I have no snarky comments to make about any of them!