Monday, April 18, 2011

Painting the Bathroom

So I had a week off about 3 weeks ago-- I got a new job and took a week off between. That week was pretty chocked full of projects in my apartment, and catching up on blog posts. One of those projects that I did was finally painting my bathroom. Since I have a shower curtain that I really love, I wanted whatever I did to work with that, but I also wanted to add a little interest. 
First I thought maybe I would use a stencil, since I have seen some stenciled walls that I absolutely love. But I couldn't decide on a stencil that wouldn't  compete with my shower curtain, or, I got lazy and felt unsure about the stenciling process.
My second idea was to do wide horizontal stripes. I wanted to do similar colors, perhaps a flat version and glossy version of the same color, or just slightly different colors. I've seen this done in many rooms that I absolutely love, for example, 

So I headed to Home Depot to pick out paint colors- planning a nice light tan color in maybe a matte and glossy finish. Well, I found something even more exciting than two different finishes-- I found Martha Stewart's Precious Metals paint! I got a quart of the precious metals color, and then I asked for it to be color matched to a regular semi-gloss color, of which I bought a gallon. The precious metals color is called bone, and I really, really love how it looks in my bathroom. It almost has a pink tint, making it look really warm and ahh I just love it!

I painted the semigloss version of bone as the base coat, and then used blue painters tape to put on the stripes. I wanted them to be big, so that if I was off an inch or so it wouldn't be obvious. I measured the height of my wall and decided to break it into 8 stripes of about 10 inches each, and obviously every other stripe would be painted with the precious metals paint. 

I first painted the base color along the tape to seal it, and then put up the precious metal color. At first I didn't think I was going to be able to tell the difference between the two finishes, but once I stepped out of the small bathroom for a minute and let my eyes rest, I could clearly see the difference.

This is where I moved the towel bar down...
and the aforementioned shower curtain that I wanted to keep
(note to self- close toilet bowl lid before taking pictures next time)

It's extremely hard to take pictures of my bathroom, as its quite small and kind of an L-shape. Also, it doesn't have any windows so regardless of the time of day, the light is poor. It was even more fun to paint it! Lots of  moving things around and strange angles. But I persevered and I'm VERY happy with the results!


  1. Your stripes look great! I just painted some stripes for the yesterday, it's a lot of taping! :) Thanks for linking up to my weekend warrior party!!


  2. LOVE it. I'm about to paint stipes in one of our bathrooms, too so I found this inspiring. Where'd ya get the shower curtain? It's cute!

  3. Lori, the shower curtain is from Target from about 2 years ago, spring time. It was called "Garden Party" or something like that. I have tried so hard to find another one but it seems they are gone forever.

  4. Hey Allison! I love your photos! I too fell in LOVE with Martha Stewarts 'Bone' color, but I am wondering... since you've painted and since you also do NOT have a window in your bathroom, does the metallic paint sweat at all or leaves streak marks after a steaming shower? I am doing my whole bathroom with the metallic (above chair rail to the ceiling) and have been searching the net ALL day for an answer. I actually left a voicemail with someone at Martha Stewarts headquarters in NYC with hopes that someone will call back before Wednesday when the painter comes!! :-) I hope you can help me out! Please write if tonight or tomorrow cause I am desperate! My husband and I just love this color and finish. Thanks Rose

  5. Rose-
    I have not seen any sweat or streak marks from the paint, but I generally leave the door open while I'm showering. It honestly didn't seem to be any different from regular paint!


  6. Oh my, you are a doll for writing so late!!! Thank you soooo much!! I do have both a ceiling exhaust fan and a skylight so I am hoping that it will not sweat too much. I had a Bear paint in there before the re-do and it did sweat, but I heard that paint isn't too good?? We typically use Benjamin Moore. Do you think it would be best to paint semi-gloss first (matched color) then the metallic over it? You've been a great help! Sincerely, Rose

  7. Rose,
    The only reason I would suggest doing some sort of matched color before the metallic is that the metallic paint is quite expensive. I can't remember exactly how much it was, but I want to say I paid like $20 for a quart, so $80 for a gallon.
    I've read some reviews about metallic paint in general being hard to use, but I really didn't have that problem.
    Honestly, I'm not sure that I have ever used Behr paint, or that I have used them enough to compare. I just recently repainted my mothers bathroom using Benjamin Moore and I thought it went on nicely, but off the top of my head I have also used Glidden and Royal (from Ace Hardware). I guess I don't have a real favorite yet.

  8. Thanks for the reply, Allison!
    I think I may buy a mixed 'semi-gloss' and then have the second coat be metallic not sure... since you said your bathroom is not sweating I am not too concerned. Ours has ample ventilation. Metallic is only $39.98 per gallon at HomeDepot which is pretty much the same price as Benjamin Moore. I figured at least two gallons should do it. You've helped me make a tough decision easier! Thanks again, Rose

  9. Hello again Allison, its Rose! FYI on the Martha Stewart Metallic paint. I did the ENTIRE bathroom in this finish and it is gorgeous! BUT, you must paint in full up and down strokes or you get lots of streaks. I primed in a Benjamin Moore semi-gloss 'matched color' which worked out perfectly. Thanks again for your help, Rose

  10. Hello Ladies...anyone care to share the name of the "matched color"? I'm thinking of doing the same this weekend! I've already got the color in bone for my stripe...just need the match!

  11. Anon- The "Matched Color" is literally taking the metallic paint chip to the paint counter and asking them to match the color in a semi-gloss/gloss/whatever non-metallic finish you want. It's just like having a color matched from a swatch of fabric or whatever.

    Hope that helps!

    1. Don't suppose you still have any BONE metallic paint left, do you? My husband and I went to Home Depot recently to buy some more, as I decided to paint the inside doors of our bathroom cabinets to match the walls, and I found out no more Martha Stewart precious metals. I haven't been able to find it ANYWHERE!
      Just thought I'd write and ask just in case.
      Thank you,
      Teresa My cell is 405-620-3517 if you just want to text or call.

  12. I'm painting my room and I stumbled across your blog while researching the bone color. I love it!

  13. Painting my hallway in silver for the holidays, looks great but streaky... bummer. I do love it though. Bought my martha stewart paint at Home Depot. Thinking about the bone color as I am really liking your bath, Home Depot told me they are not going to carry martha stewart any longer and will not restock when colors run out.

  14. Well said, I spent about 10 days painting mine, sadly I didn't finish it as I want :(