Friday, July 13, 2012

Dresser Redo

The dresser pictured below was a purchase I made in college- second hand of course. It's an older style from Ikea, and I happen to have three pieces that match- the one pictured, a chest with 6 drawers, and a short style with only 3 drawers. I have certainly got my money out of this dresser, but recently I have been wanting a change. 

At first I thought I would just buy a new dresser, but months of looking at the Salvation Army and other local resale shops plus trolling craigslist turned up nothing that I liked well enough to schlep back to my house. 
I recently started a new job, but had a week vacation between jobs, and decided this was the perfect time to tackle my dresser and give it a new look. I decided I would paint it and change the knobs, and then while in the process had the great idea to also change the feet.

I always love the colors that other people pick for the furniture but tend to be a little more conservative when it comes to my pieces, and this time I really wanted to be bold. I decided an orange color would be great and went for it. The color I picked is a Martha Stewart color, but it was mixed in Behr paint because I only wanted a quart and Home Depot didn't have quarts of Martha Stewart paint. I also went out of my comfort zone and picked high gloss paint.

I didn't take lots of progress pics because I didn't do anything special- just did a light sanding, a coat of adhesion primer (this is veneered Ikea furniture after all) and then two coats of the color. 

After looking at all kinds of different knobs, I decided to go with this pendant knob that I found at Target.
They came in packs of 4 for $14.99, so I needed 3 packs of them for a total of about $45.

I also mentioned that I switched the feet on the dresser. I wanted something more dramatic than what was there already, and I found these bun feet that I really liked at Home Depot. They were $8.84 each, so about $36 total for the four.

The final product looks awesome in my opinion, and fits in my bedroom nicely. 


Primitive and Proper

Friday, July 6, 2012

New Butterick Sewing Patterns

Butterick seems to have put out some new sewing patterns recently. I haven't seen many reviews of them so I thought I'd do one myself. Perhaps there haven't been many reviews because the patterns are pretty basic.

In the "I'd make that" category is:
B5781- The dress looks a little like a skating dress, which I like quite a bit. 

B5778- I can see myself wearing this dress a lot. I like the seams on the front and the gathered skirt. I think it would be great with sleeves as well, as a winter dress. 

B5770- This is a See 'n' Sew Pattern. While its not terribly original, it does look like it would make a nice shirt for work. I can see myself picking up this pattern and making it several times.

B5785-  This is another shirt that has probably been done before, but I really love how it looks in the drawing below. I can't see myself wearing the tunic version, but the regular length one I would wear in both sleeve lengths.

That's all I found to be noteworthy. What did you think of the new Butterick patterns? Did I miss anything?