Monday, June 11, 2012

Garden Progress

Where we left off last with the gardens had them looking kind of like this:

But some significant progress was made over Memorial Day weekend! With the help of my dad and stepmom, we cleaned out the rest of the rocks from the two front beds, put down dirt in both beds, planted flowers, weeded around the back of the house, moved around some plants and put down mulch. Sounds like a lot of work, huh? Well it was!

The garden to the left of the door used to look like this

After digging up most of the lava rocks and planting some flowers, it looked like this-

Around the side of the house was looking better too.
What before was an overgrown jungle is now much cleaner!


I have plans to add in some annuals with color in that empty spot, and of course mulch.

And around the front of the house isn't looking so bad either.



Also my dad got a little crazy with the hedge trimmers, and took the back of the house from this:

To this:

In about an hour.

Now I just have to remember to water the flowers about every day, and maybe even water the grass a bit so its not so brown.

Have you done any gardening lately?