Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Inspiration: Fur for the bed

The temperature is definitely changing in Michigan, which is making me think about ways to make my bed cozy and warm for the winter. I have several pictures saved in my inspiration files of fur throws and pillows on beds. After looking at these pictures, how could you not want a fur throw or pillows for your bed?

The pic below is actually from Kourtney Kardashian's bedroom. She has matching pillows and throw. Fabulous.

Here are some possible places to get fur bedthings:
Throw from ZGallarie, another color also available (I believe this is the one on Kourtney's bed: $99

Throw from Pottery Barn: Comes in 3 colors: $149

Another throw from Pottery Barn: Faux-Sheepskin throw on sale for $79! Ok, this isn't really "fur," but I've had the pleasure of using this blanket and it is wonderful. They also have matching pillows:

There are many options on Overstock, and I've also seen less expensive throws at places like TJMaxx. And if you still can't find something you like, I'm sure most fabric stores carry faux fur by the yard, which could easily be used to make pillows and a throw yourself. Hmm...that gives me an idea...


  1. Oh. No. Dead Animal does not equal peaceful resting place, in my book. Not even if it's fake dead animal. Nope nope nope.

    Hahahaha :)

  2. You raise a good point. I should have specified that when I say "fur" I mean fake, fake fake fluffy soft material with animal print.

  3. Its to bad that you use fake fur (made from petroleum products). Real fur is about as green as you can get. We have decorated our house with real fur and LOVE it!!!

    Don't knock it Iris until you have tried REAL FUR!!!

    1. Scuse me! But I think fake fur is just fine. Real fur is sick.. shoving a pipe up an animal's anus and then skinning them alive. NUH UH!! you should be ashamed