Friday, August 3, 2012

New Vogue Patterns

Vogue recently released some new patterns, and since there is currently a sale on them at Jo-Ann's, I picked up a few. I thought I would round them up as my favorite picks for fall.

First up is a dress, V1314: I like the ruching on the sides of the dress, and that is the entire reason I bought this pattern! I think this would look excellent with horizontal stripes, and I have some fabric that just might fit the bill.

Second, V1317- This is a Chado Ralph Rucci pattern. I like the open neckline and the front tie. The A-line skirt will also be flattering for me. I can see this as a great fall/winter dress with tights and boots. 

Next is V8825. I really like the sleeves on this dress and again the tie waist. The crossover top is not too shabby either. I can see this as a work dress too.
Next up is V8827. Another dress. I do love dresses! This is a wrap dress with a drape on the front color. I think this dress is super and will get a lot of wear if I take my time to make it well.

Lastly, V8835, a skirt. While its not a dress, it still has a wrap element to it. I like that there are no darts on the front and the buttons on the waist band. This could be a pattern I use over and over!

What new Vogue patterns are you planning on picking up?