Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No Projects Lately :(

Well, since I have started school for the year I really have not had time to work on any projects. I've been trying to decide what I should do with this blog in the mean time, and I think I will use it to write about both fashion and home decorating things that I come across.
One "problem" I have right now is my school bag. I currently have a black computer bag (from JCPenny) that I like, but it is not holding up well. So, the search has begun for a new bag. These are my requirements:
-large enough for a large binder, possibly a couple textbooks, wallet, phone, water bottle, lunch...appropriate to put a laptop in from time to time (not every day)
-tote style. I have never had good luck with messenger bags, and I don't want a backpack.
-neutral color. I'm thinking black or brown, but I could probably go for other colors.
I'll be posting pictures of any bags I find that I like, and I would appreciate any suggestions people have for me.

Finally, to close, Things I'm Digging:
-Tarina Tarantino style jewelry: If I had an extra 750 big ones hanging around, this would be hanging around my neck (pic from
But since I don't, it isn't. I have found some similarly inspired pieces at other places, like Claires and Forever 21.

-Hilarious notecards:

-mirrored furniture. Another thing for an extra $750-800 laying around. Sigh.
The good news about mirrored furniture is that it IS available at reasonable(ish) prices. Urban Outfitters recently had a mirrored bedside table, and Target has a few mirrored pieces right now. I have seen one in particular ( at the local target several times and it just wants to come home with me!! They also have a mirrored jewelry box and vanity tray.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Long time.

I haven't posted in a while because I went home for my dads wedding for a week. That doesn't mean I wasnt doing some decorating work though. While home, I went to one of my favorite stores, The Christmas Tree Store. It's kind of like a Marshalls/tjmaxx, except with no clothing and most things are made just for the store. I was on the look out for lamps for the office, and I found some!
Below is the desk lamp I got, for $9.99, including the shade!

Below is the floor lamp I got to put next to the chair. I got this one for $29.99!

I really want to get rid of that second shelf thing there next to the bookcase, and move that whole corner down a little.