Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The New Digs

Well, I have been fully moved into my new place for a full 6 days now! The amount of work I have ahead of me to get this place in the shape I want it is just beginning to settle in. I have already done a fair amount of painting, cleaning and updating, but there's still a lot to go.
A lovely mess!

For starters, I painted the dining room/living room and hallway. I used Benjamin Moore's Wild Aster, matched to Valspar paint at Lowes. I also painted the trim in the hallway (so far) using valspar's off-the-shelf white.
In addition, I've replaced all the light switch and outlet covers. I'm planning to replace some of the outlets themselves, as the current ones are both that ugly bisque color and are rather dirty.

Mess from another angle
I have already had some excitement- you may notice in that first picture the carpet is pulled back. Well, we walked into the condo just an hour before closing, final walk thru time, and there is standing water in the kitchen. In addition, there is a huge puddle below in the basement. Turns out there was a broken nut where the hot water supply is connected to the faucet, causing the flood. We had to scramble to come to an agreement about how clean up and repair will be handled in time to close, as I was NOT delaying closing.
In the end, there was a plumber there THAT afternoon and a cleanup crew (complete with fans and dehumidifyers) the next day. An insurance adjuster came out on Saturday, and at this point I am waiting for word from the insurance company about what they will pay to repair.
Basement before

Basement after!

In the end, it sounds like I will at least get a new kitchen floor and new paneling in the basement. You see, some of the paneling in the basement was wet and had warped, so it was ripped out. But paneling is not standard- there are different colors/kinds (who knew?) so matching 30 year old paneling could prove hard. Thus, insurance will pay to replace ALL of the paneling.

Later this week I'll post more details about other improvements I have made--including my very own new Karlstad couch from Ikea!


  1. Oh man, that sounds terrifying. About to spend all that money on a new home, and there's flooding everywhere. Eek.

  2. Oooh...I was at Ikea tonight. Love the Karlstad.