Sunday, November 6, 2011

Closet of my Dreams

One of the tasks on the top of my to-do list was my closet. My closet had this funny little contraption for hanging clothes that required that you hang your hangers backwards. This was really aggravating to my type-a personality. 

Who invented this travesty??

So I did a little research (aka looking around Lowes/Home Depot) and decided I wanted to build a "custom" closet- with double rods and shelving and rainbows!
I decided upon this kit by Rubbermaid, sold at Lowes:
I liked that it gave me the option of having double rods, shelving and full length hanging space!
I didn't take tons of pictures, but I started with emptying my closet onto my bed, and then taking out the existing shelf. It came out after about 2 minutes and very little effort. Then I discovered my closet actually had a light! The string for the light had been hiding, I guess, so I hadn't ever seen it. So check that off my to-do list!
The inside of my closet was due for a paint job. I pulled out some leftover white paint I had from repainting my old apartment (standard apartment white, nothing too fancy) and gave it a coat. I didn't bother giving it a second coat-- the first covered pretty well and I didn't think anyone would spend time judging the paint job in the closet. I did something else for a couple hours to let it dry--probably something I'll be blogging about soon--and then set out to put up this system.
I was a little scared by the weight of the box and the general complexity of the system that I might have trouble doing this myself, but really, it was a breeze. Within maybe 2 hours (not including a trip in the middle to the hardware store for drywall anchors) I had an awesome new closet of my dreams! 

Wouldn't this look better if the clothes were arranged by color?? Ahh type-A

The closet is basically divided into thirds. There is a rod across the top of the whole closet. The first third of the closet on the left has a second rod in the middle, the second third has a shelf in the middle, and the last third just has the top rod. This allows me to maximize my hanging space for tops, skirts/pants and dresses. I'm using the shelf in the middle for my jeans. I'm going to have to get some pretty boxes for my purses and scarves so it looks more like the picture above.

I have many pieces of the system left--I will either add in some more shelves in the middle or perhaps use them in another closet. Lowes sells many components of this system individually, so I can buy just the pieces I need to customize any closet I want. I'm thinking maybe my hall closet will get some shelving shortly.

Perhaps you can see in these pictures that I have also been busy painting other areas of the condo, like bedroom walls. Details shortly!



  1. I'm thinking about doing this too, but I'm afraid I won't be able to figure out how to install it. It looks great in your place.

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