Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Closet Crazy

What happens when you have leftover closet organizer pieces, and a poorly designed hall closet?
Another closet redo!
My hall closet had that same crazy backwards hanging system, and just one shelf about 2/3rds of the wall up the wall--which seems like a waste of space. I would have loved to put in rows and rows of shelving, but I do actually need a little bit of hanging space for my coats and those of any guests I have over. 
I decided to do half and half. One side would be a hanging bar and the other would be shelves.

I followed a similar process to my bedroom closet- I cleaned out the closet and this was what was left. This closet is over the stairs that lead to the basement, which is why the floor is strange, I think. Even with the sloping floor, my long coats hang freely so it's fine.

I again ripped out that strange shelf and put a coat of paint on the walls and the bottom (its yellow in the picture above). I gave it a few hours to dry, and then I had this:

That bottom portion still looks kind of yellow, but it is definitely much better. Looks much cleaner for sure!

I then set out hanging the closet system. I did have to buy a new horizontal rail for this, and also a 2-foot hanging rod, but I had all the shelving and vertical rails left over from my first closet. So in all, I spent about $20 more to finish up this closet. That brings the total to about $150 for the two closets--or $75 each. But, I STILL have other pieces left over that I can use in another closet--the second bedroom perhaps.

Putting in the railing system is quite easy. Find how high you want it (ClosetMaid recommends 84 inches, I think), find the studs or use anchors, and secure it about every foot. Then you hang the vertical rods on the horizontal one, and screw those in the same way.

You cant really see the vertical rod on the left, but its there I promise. Also, since I knew I was only going to put a hanging rod on the right side, I didn't use a full length vertical rail. I can always add an extension to the right side if necessary.

Now comes the fun part-- putting in the actual shelves and rods! I put a shelf across the whole top of the closet, and then another 3 shelves down the left side.(the hanging rod overlaps about 2 inches because my closet is just under 4 feet wide- really, like 3 feet 10 inches, but I think this will work out fine.)

Next I loaded the closet up with the things that were in it previously, plus some more. I decided I would keep my cleaning supplies (that aren't kitchen-specific) in here, because its a centrally located closet. I also have my winter coat collection and some spare hangers for guests, plus my hats/mittens/scarves for winter.

The shelves are really almost too short, so I may adjust them down one slot later. That way my spray bottles will fit easily. One thing I learned by putting all my cleaning supplies in the same place is that I have an awful lot of redundant supplies! I guess I won't need to buy anything new for a while now.

These new and improved closets are just making my day. Every time I open them I get happy. I could not be happier with this system! It's so easy to put in and rather inexpensive, but still attractive enough.

Have you ever redone a closet like this? Am I the only one who is closet crazy?



  1. I would look into buying some wood and creating a "shelving" unit on the bottom- where you have the slanted part over the stairs.(think of a larger version of a spice rack for a drawer) Then you could use aditional baskets and slide them in at an angle or use it for shoe storage.

  2. I'm jealous. My coat closet is a mess! Well done.