Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Coffee Tables

One of my neighbors recently offered me a retro coffee table she had in her basement. Like the true hoarder I am, I couldn't resist, even though I had a coffee table already.
Now I am totally torn about what to do. I am slightly attached to this light blue, $20 coffee table from Ikea (was black, I painted it) 

but I also LOVE this 1960s Mersman coffee table.

Which one should I keep?


  1. How is this even a decision? The vintage one is soooo lovely.

  2. Definitely the vintage one, it is incredible!

  3. The vintage one! Definitely!!!

  4. Gotta go with the others... ;) Find room somewhere else for the Ikea table!

  5. Thanks Everyone-- I have decided to go with the vintage one.
    The picture is kind of deceiving, it is a little beat up. I might end up painting it.

  6. I'm late but I agree: The vintage one!!!