Sunday, October 23, 2011

Completed sewing projects

I've been bad about getting my sewing projects photographed and shared on the here are several projects I have done recently, modeled by Gertude, my dress form.

The first is Butterick 5649, made with a fuschia corduroy. 

This was the first project I made with button holes, and I'm only kind of happy with how it turned out. Between the top and second down button hole the fabric doesn't lay flat for some reason--probably the button location compared to the button hole is the problem. Regardless, I found this pattern easy and am happy with the result. I keep thinking maybe I will make this in other fabrics, but I have yet to do so.

I used the button hole maker that comes with my machine and I am really impressed with it so far.


The next project was an unplanned one, New Look 6082.

 I was looking for a pencil/straight skirt that had a wide waist band. This skirt is unfortunately only one of those two criteria- it has a wide waist band, but it is definitely more A-line than straight or pencil. In addition, its pretty short. Kind of sad because with this skirt I tried my hand at lining things that aren't lined in the pattern. I think it came out rather well.
However, I wore this guy to work once and then removed the zipper and put it in the dud pile. I still am on the hunt for a pencil skirt with a wide waste band, and once I find it, I will make a new royal blue skirt!

The next dress is a hot mess, and McCalls 5927.

I think the problem is just me working too fast because I'm excited to get it done. I need to take this baby apart and make it look right. You can see all the puckering on the front waist line below, and the creasing  along the back zipper.

I really like this fabric, I'm planning to buy more (and maybe the blue version) to hold just in case I can't get this dress to look nice.

Below we have Butterick 5455. 

The details are hard to see given my photography and the pattern of the fabric, but I LOVE, love love this dress and pattern. I am planning to make a black version (A girl can never have too much black, right?) in the near future. I think this dress is a great opportunity to add some bling around the neckline for the holiday party season. 
The fabric is a cotton sateen that I found on Joann's clearance table during a 50% off sale. I think I paid something like $2.50 a yard for this fabric. I had never seen it there before, but I really like it and was psyched to score it for such a reasonable price. 

So that's all I've got for you today, although I definitely have more pictures to take. I'm learning the value of making a muslin before trying a pattern "for real", and can really see how it makes a difference in the fit of the garment, the time it takes to make it, and the general quality of the finished piece.

However, I definitely think I am still a beginner and I'm not going to let some dud garments get me down!


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