Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Partnership with Habitat for Humanity!

I have such an exciting announcement today!
Recently I approached the Habitat for Humanity Restore about volunteering to do some furniture rehab- painting, reupholstering, just like what I do myself at home. Needless to say they LOVE the idea, and this morning I went to visit the store and their offices for a tour and to meet some people. 

They have a space for me in the warehouse where I can work, and tons and tons of tools and supplies already in the store that I can use freely. I can basically pick any piece they have in their warehouse to work on, and I have total creative control! I am so excited!

The idea is that I volunteer a few hours and they provide me with a small amount of supplies (paint, sand paper, etc--much of which they already have in-store) and I turn their furniture that no one is going to buy into something they will buy!

In addition, they are allowing me to blog about it on here, and are going to feature my projects in their newsletter. I am going to be having some business cards made up (probably tonight!) which will be included on each piece I work on and up at the register. 

I don't have pictures YET, but I have already picked a table and two chairs as my first project, and plan to start on Saturday! 
Except an update Saturday!



  1. oh, my---you read my mind! but you got yourself up and did somethin' about it! way to go! i wish i could sell some of my pieces so that i didn't have to work so hard TRYING TO SELL my pieces! i see myself pitching in like you are doing...but not quite yet. :(

  2. Oooohhh, I can just HEAR your excitement! How WONDERFUL for you...and for H for H!!