Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The hardest thing about packing for my impending move is that I don't really know when I will be able to move. At the earliest, it will be October 21st- which is just 10 days, but it could be later than that with no limit. Patience is not something I have lots of, and this waiting game is just killing me. Particularly because I have no control over it.
In the mean time I'm trying to pack a box or two a day while keeping it relatively normal so I can still live (read: distract myself) until I actually move. This basically means I haven't packed my sewing supplies, although I have packed a lot of other creative supplies that I like to use. I've also packed books, taken things off the wall and patched holes, and oh yea....repainted every room I had painted here.
Bye Bye grey bedroom

Bye Bye Horizontal Stripes in the bathroom

And bye to something I don't think I have even gotten around to sharing- the pink kitchen. Apparently I don't even have any pictures of it! Just imagine the walls between my cabinets and counters painted "wild aster" by Benjamin Moore (had it color matched in Valspar). This project was a super-quick stress reliever that only took 1 tester to do two coats!

If you have bought a house, how did you handle yourself during this waiting period? Any advice for me about that or packing??


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  1. Heh, that's true. One could say that it's part of why moving is hectic. There's the packing phase, and then the waiting phase. Well, once it's over, your daily pace should go back to normal in the environment of a new home.