Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fall Wardrobe Plans part 2

So, the second part of my fall wardrobe plans! 
1. Butterick 5649- When I was in high school I had a pinkish-purple corduroy skirt from the Gap. When I saw the rainbow of colors of corduroy Joann's had recently, I was inspired to remake that skirt, but a little longer. This old skirt had buttons down the front but little other detailing. I found Butterick 5649 to be the perfect pattern to achieve this look. 
The pattern includes shorts, a straight skirt with a fly and pockets (is there a technical term for this?) and a a-line button up skirt. I will use the a-line button up this time (view A), but I am thinking I might also try out view C. This could be awesome for heavier fabrics- denim, wool...

2. Butterick 5600- This dress was inspired by one a coworker was wearing. I think I will make view C (below) although I may decide to add on the ruffle shown on View A. I have purchased a purple bottom weight fabric to make this, and will probably use dark buttons.

3. McCalls 6437. A top. I haven't made many tops, which is something I'd like to fix. I like the shape of this shirt, particularly the neckline. I also like the idea of adding some embellishment to the neckline.I have a pink chiffon type fabric that I would love to use for a top, this also might be a good option.

I feel like I will probably end up making  a few other things before all is said and done, but I am not sure what. What are you making for fall? Am I the only one that isn't capable of pulling together a cohesive wardrobe plan? :)


  1. I can't WAIT to see how these turn out!! :)

  2. These look amazing, oh how I wish I could sew!

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