Wednesday, August 31, 2011


You probably don't know that I grew up in Vermont. ALL of my family still lives in Vermont- I left for college 7 years ago, and I haven't moved back yet. 

You probably have heard about the damage Hurricane Irene caused in Vermont. Thankfully my family suffered very little damage- they lost power for a short time, and have some very soggy lawns. But other areas in Vermont were not so lucky, including places that I used to go to/by all the time growing up. Looking at these pictures is just heart wrentching for me, so hard. 

Something like 30 bridges were washed out, including at least 4 covered bridges. Three people are confirmed dead, possibly four, and others are missing.

You can help directly by donating to the Vermont Food Bank. Text FOODNOW to 52000 to donate $10. The Vermont Foodbank will help turn your $10 donation into $60 worth of groceries for local families in need, or go to their website to make your donation:

Water in some places was like 7 feet high. In particular, the river that runs along the edge of the backyard of my house growing up was over 17 feet high on Sunday, with 8 feet considered "flood stage."

Cars completely submerged at a Vermont State College (Castleton-- their students just moved in at the end of last week! What a welcome to college!)

A camper was swept down the river and into this bridge..

The main street through Brandon, totally flooded. Just down the road from here a well known pizza house was moved 20 feet off its foundation as a result of the water.

This was one of my favorite swimming areas growing up- its the New Haven River/Bristol Falls. That road used to have trees on both sides, and an embankment along the river!

Ironically, Friday was such an exciting day for the people in my old 'hood. You see, just under a year ago the Champlain Bridge which connects Addison, VT to Crown Point, NY was deemed unsafe and closed immediately. Detour routes were generally about 100 EXTRA MILES EACH DAY, which was an extreme hardship on the people that lived in NY and worked in VT, or vice versa. After a few months they were able to install a ferry near where the bridge was, which runs 24/7. This alleviates some of the problem, but still adds time to peoples commutes. 

Well, they've been working nearly 24/7 on this bridge since late December, and Friday they added the top of the bridge, making it *look* finished. The area was all abuzz about the bridge being finished and how its going to improve life. Even though I'm 1000 miles away, I could feel the positive energy myself through the phone. People are just EXCITED about this bridge being completed.

So please, donate to the Vermont FoodBank. Or donate blood, where ever you are. Thanks!

(All pictures taken from Burlington Free Press)

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  1. My heart goes out to those communities. I can't even imagine going outside and seeing my surroundings simply gone, or covered in that much water.

    We visited Vermont a couple summers ago and it poured buckets every single day. When we got back, we saw in the newspaper that right after we had left, a road that we had driven on multiple times had been washed away by the rain. It was a crazy feeling!

  2. We live in Virginia but love Vermont and try to visit at least once a year. It breaks my heart that your lovely state has this kind of damage.