Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Scored Big!

If you've looked around my blog at all you probably know that I love thrifting. I don't do it on a regular schedule but probably about once a month. There are a few places in my town, but my main stop is the Salvation Army.
I only recently realized that tucked in with the linens is some fabric, and at the end of an aisle there is a small bookcase with sewing patterns and notions. 
I looked today, and if I can say so myself, I scored big!

Someone must have recently cleaned out their sewing room. Would you believe I paid less than $16 for all of this?
-The zippers were marked 4/$1 and there were 12
-All of the hem tape and bias tape, and the buttons were split between two plastic bags each marked $3.99,
-The lining fabric and green w/flowers were each marked $.99
-The peach fabric was marked 3.99, the other two were 2.99

In addition, today was "super student" day, where you get 33% off your entire purchase with a University ID, which brought my total down to $15.18.

Look at the rainbow!

In addition, the last time I was there I found these two patterns:

 Simplicity 8333 is a pattern for doll (Barbie) clothes. I got this for $.99, as marked. This is a pattern from the early 90's, I'd guess. The store had a bunch of them when I was there, but I went for the one that had the most variety in garments. My mom has a preschool/daycare and her little girls will just love these things. I'm thinking I will be able to use scraps for these pieces.

Butterick 5212 is an OOP pattern that I've seen on blogland from time to time and liked. I was elated to find this pattern IN MY SIZE at the salvation army. I have yet to make it, but I have plans for it. 

So, how about you? Do you get notions at thrift stores? Is there anything I should avoid from second hand stores? (ie, thread could be old/brittle??)


  1. Awesome finds!! We don't really have many thrift stores around us, so I don't usually luck out in this stuff unfortunately! :(

  2. wow! super find, at a great price!

  3. Great Haul! You can't beat that.
    Have a great weekend!