Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fall Wardrobe Plans: Part 1

For the fall, I decided to pick a several patterns and make them as my "fall wardrobe." I'm not going to claim that my fabric choices will make it highly coordinated, but that's not my goal at this point. Here are the first couple patterns I've picked and my proposed fabrics. At this point I really only have access to a Joann's (I'm scared to order online! I have to touch the fabric in order to know what to use it for!) at this point-- although I'm about 45 minutes from Haberman's, which is apparently an awesome fabric store in metro Detroit. I'm hesitant to go there because I'm not confident enough with my sewing skills to buy really nice/expensive fabric. I'm fairly comfortable with the price ranges at Joann's, and I don't feel bored there YET, although reading other people's blogs and seeing their beautiful fabrics might send me elsewhere.

1. Pants: Simplicity 2562: I am planning to make these pants in a navy blue, probably a gabardine although perhaps a wool if I find one I like. 

2. Dress: McCalls 5927. I plan to make the view with cap sleeves, with a black w/white specs suiting fabric from Joann's. I also have some cranberry fabric that was given to me (gabardine? I'm not sure) that might end up in this style.

 3. Dress: McCalls 5974. This pattern is for a knit, which I have recently started playing with.Honestly, I'm not sure what color I will use for this. Maybe a  turquoise color similar to the dress shown below. I plan to make the version with the wrap detail and 3/4 sleeves.

 4. Jacket: McCalls 6041: I like this pattern because of the similarity to Channel style jackets. I'm hoping to find a tweed or boulce that has a bright color in it- pink, red...

 5. Another Jacket: McCalls 6329. Again, not sure what color, or even which view. I'm hoping that I have a good experience sewing the view shown in khaki, and then I can attempt the wrap style view. I've seen a linen fabric at Joann's that has some sparkle woven in--I could see that working well for this jacket. (And also a skirt, dress and pants...I'm in love with that fabric)

In my next post I'll finish up showing the patterns I'm planning on. Yikes, this looks like a lot. I better get sewing! Besides these things for myself, I'd also like to make Christmas gifts again this year. I already have ideas for my mom and sister, but brother, aunt, grandma, dad, stepdad and stepmom are still unknown. What do you sew for boys anyway? Dress shirts seem quite scary. PJ pants/boxers? Seems kind of lame.

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  1. I love that your making your own clothes. How stylish. You will have to post some pics to show us the finish product! I myself want to learn how to sew. Hmmm, maybe a fall project?