Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Office progress

I have made some progress on my office revamp. I spent an evening doing "research"--walking around target and tjmaxx looking for some ideas. I came away with a couple pretty non-specific ideas. First, I need to paint my desk a lighter color, find a tall potted plant, and a couple new lamps--maybe a floor lamp and a desk lamp.
I decided to get rid of the second desk I had in that room, and have also spent time going through the closet to get rid of other things I no longer need-- like many pairs of long, long curtains that I used in my apartment in Chicago, and other random stuff. I picked a color for the desk yesterday and primed and painted that.
I'm hoping that the result will be a much calmer, clutter free working environment so I can do some serious studying in the coming year. Its my last year as a student for a couple years (yeehaw!) so it needs to count.
I'm also thinking of a new rug, and moving the side chair I have in to make a comfy place to read/nap. To finish it out, I want to add some candles/vases. I just thought of the idea of keeping track of what I spend, so I'm going to do that. Last night I spent $35 on paint, brushes, a tray, a drop cloth, etc. Thats all I have spent so far besides time.
Here is a picture of my primed (but not painted) desk:

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