Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More office Progress

Today was a rather productive day. After resting in the morning to make my big headahce go away I was able to do some work in the afternoon and evening. I started with taking the second desk out of the room, and taking it apart. I then went on to the closet and saw that I have far too many plastic tubs. I designated one of them for winter clothes and moved that to my bedroom closet, I made a tub to collect thing to donate to the Salvation Army, and a decent amount of stuff to just throw away. After several trips to the dumpster with desk pieces and garbage, and several trips to my car with things for the salvation army, the room has made some seriously progress.
After dinner I ran to Home Depot, because they always seem to have a selection of large house plants for a reasonable price. I found a great tropical palm plant that is probably close to 5 ft tall if it stood up straight.
I changed the arraingement of the room, putting the desk on the wall that the second desk was on, and put the bookcase to the left flat against the wall instead of kitty-cornered. I also have decided to part with the chair I had been using in there, and instead use a chair that is meant for my dinning room table. I only have room for 2 chairs at the kitchen table, so two remain in a closet. This seems like a good solution for now. I don't have the heart to paint that chair the same color as the desk, but perhaps in the future I will find something that is reasonable to paint.
Lastly, I brought the side chair in from my living room. I'm imagining a little table next to that chair for setting my drink on when I'm reading in that chair. I also think that a floor lamp might go behind that chair in the future.
The plant-- its in a pretty awkward space right now, right in the middle. I'm not exactly sure where that will end up.
I am also really digging the idea of having my desk completely cleaned off (ie no pencil cup or bill holder on desk). It gives it a much more sleek and relaxing design. I have some more ideas for the room, but thats all for now.

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