Friday, August 7, 2009

Its a bird, I swear.

I found a free pattern online for a bird, originally intended for making a mobile (here). However, I immediately thought it would be an awesome toy to make for my cats. So I printed the pattern at work today (A single 8x10 page) and tried it tonight with some left over apple and pear fabric.

So, its not exactly recognizable as a bird, but Franklin and Ellie are a sucker for anything with catnip (I have even sewn catnip into baby socks and they don't complain). So I put some catnip in with the stuffing, and then caught this picture of Ellie with it mid-bunny-kick. Its a hit!

I think I will continue to make them with my leftover fabric-- it takes such a small amount of fabric and such a short time to sew that I will be able to make many of these at a time. I'm thinking I'll stockpile them to use as gifts and for my planned etsy shop.

Looking at the pictures on the original webpage, I want to know how they made the tail so flat and without visible stitching. The instructions say to sew the other seams, turn, stuff then sew the tail shut..Cheaters.

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