Saturday, January 28, 2012

Small updates= big impact

Below is my guest post as it appeared on The Ivy Cottage!


Hello! My name is Allison, and I my blog is called "Welcome to My Home." The name came from the first line of Brenda Dickson's home tour from the 80's. If you've never seen that video, now is the time! It is usually available on Youtube, but is taken down from time to time. The OFFICIAL trailer is here.
Anyway, as you can tell, I have a sense of humor. I'm a statistician (yup, you read correctly) in my mid-twenties and originally started my blog as a way to let me family who lives far away see my projects.
I write about sewing, crafting and updates I am doing to my newly (end of October, 2011) purchased Condo. You can see my whole blog at!

When I bought  my condo, I inherited all the outdated fixtures you can imagine. There is more brass and almond color in this condo than you can shake a stick at. I decided along with fresh coats of paint on the ceilings, walls and trim I would update the switches, outlets and doorknobs.

Probably time to paint that door. It's supposed to be white but look at it next to the trim! 

Ugly Carpet! Good thing that's gone. Read more about my new floors here.

I've slowly but surely been replacing these fixtures, and what a difference it makes! 
Turns out door knobs really aren't that expensive--about $10 each, and aren't hard at all to install.
The results really are impressive.

See those closet door knobs in the back? Also brass. I'm in the process of spray painting those nickel to make them match. I tried to find new knobs, out of laziness, but I was unable to find any I liked that were large enough. One can of spray paint will take care of all 3 of them in the condo and I can update them later if I find something I love!

The second thing I've been tackling is outlets and light switches. All of the outlets and switches and corresponding covers were that bisque color that never looks clean, in my opinion. And they don't look clean especially when they AREN'T clean:

The good news is new switches and outlets are extremely inexpensive to buy, and rather easy to install yourself. It requires turning off your electricity, unscrewing some wires from the old fixture and putting them back on the new fixture in the same place. I'm not going into anymore detail than that because I'm not an electrician. But this is a really simple task that can be done without an electrician (but at your own risk!).

The result is clean, beautiful outlets and switches! It is really amazing how much these little tweaks change the feel of a house. And I personally think that having consistent fixtures throughout helps keep your house calm. Paying attention to the details makes your house look well taken care of, which we all want, right?

What small changes have you made in your house that have had a big impact?

If you want to see more, check out my blog at In particular, check out my new flooring and my kitchen updates!

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  1. I LOVE doing all those small things - changing knobs, switchplates, etc. it really does make a big difference!