Monday, April 4, 2011

It's Looking Very Pottery Barn in Here

The title of the post is what someone commented when they saw one of my latest projects.
My couch is a big, purple beast. My roommates and I got this couch in college, about 5 years ago now, in Chicago. Its long, wide, comfortable, heavy and was basically a steal from an awesome thrift store in Chicago. It has a pullout bed which has severed us well many times, and its size was excellent for gatherings in college.

Here is my couch in my previous apartment-- I just realized that I haven't ever really shared pictures of the couch in my new apartment!

While this couch is awesome for many reasons, the one thing I have always struggled with is how to decorate around it. It is such a bold color, and being a novice with design, I felt really constrained. I longed for a more neutral couch, and in a perfect world,  I would be able to buy a new couch (perhaps a Karlstad from Ikea), but that just isn't happening now. 
So Imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon a two-piece twill cream colored slipcover at Target, on clearance!! Given the style of the couch--with no real cushions for the back, just the throw pillows, I knew it would take some tweaking for this to really fit my couch, but it was an excellent starting point. I would have loved to make it from scratch myself, but I'm just slightly scared about trying that!
So, after some fighting with the slipcover, she was on my couch. I just needed to make covers for the back cushions and iron.
Yes, Iron. You see those wrinkles? They needed to go. So I ironed the slipcover one morning while it was on the couch. Yup. I ironed my couch. But it looked much better. Even Franklin approved.

Now I just need to finish making covers for the pillows that go along the back, and perhaps pick some patterned fabric for accent pillows!

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  1. OooOooh. You need some brightly colored pillows! Or maybe this is a good time to try some quilted pillows ;) Sew Mama Sew had a 'pillow' week maybe in February or March?