Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Easy Upgrades with Paint

You may have noticed a change in my bedroom in the before and after pictures of my last post that I didn't mention.


Do you see it??

Over on the left side of the picture-- the bookcase. This mirrored bookcase was given to my by my grandfather many years ago-- I'd say at least 12 years ago. It was unfinished, but ok that way, and I was never sure what color I wanted to paint it. It actually lived in my room at home in Vermont until May, when my family brought it out for me while visiting for my graduation.

Since I'm digging the contrast between the white things in my room and the grey walls, I decided to paint it white. I already had this paint-- so the project cost me $0. I used a color called "bone white." It's the paint I got for $5 from Ace in the winter, which I used to paint my cabinets in my old apartment

I unfortunately don't have any action shots of painting the bookcase, but it was really easy and straight forward. I taped off the mirrors so I didn't paint on them, and then got to painting. The bookcase is pine, and had some knots, so it took 3-ish coats to really cover well.

Before:                                                After:                                          


  1. Great choice, I love what white paint can do!

  2. I love paint! :) it made such a huge difference!
    way to go.
    thanks for linking up to my first ever link party.