Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New purchase and more painting!

At the same time that I was re-vamping the table on the left side of my dinning area, I was looking for a buffet of some sort to put on the right side of the dinning area. I've seen some amazing redos recently that have fueled my fire. For example, this one from Brooke at The Crafting Chicks-

 Amazing, right??

Unfortunately, as much as I would love a full china cabinet to redo  I simply don't think I have the space for it without making my dining area feel cluttered. And I really don't want a cluttered space. So instead I was looking for a buffet without a hutch.
In a perfect world, I would find a gorgeous mid-century modern buffet with lovely hairpin legs...but I'm also working on a budget. If I had hundreds of dollars to work with here, this would be no challenge.
I also would prefer something that is actual wood.
Well, I lucked out one day on an impromptu trip to a thrift store I have never been to. It's called the Ann Arbor PTO thrift store, and as you might guess, it's run by the PTO for the school district in Ann Arbor. All of their proceeds go to the school. So in addition to getting awesome thrifty goods, I'm supporting the schools.
I found a small (perhaps smaller than I would like) cabinet marked "tv stand" for get this-- $10. It was kind of rough looking, but if I know anything, its that a couple coats of paint can seriously change the look of ugly furniture.
Here she is, minus the doors but with all the dust
For $10, I couldn't resist, and she was immediately put in my car. On the way home I stopped to get some important supplies--some primer (Kilz, of course), a paint brush and some new rollers. I got home and immediately got to work cleaning, sanding and priming this baby. Just the primer was an improvement. For the paint-- of course I turned once again to my $5 gallon of bone white. I think I may actually only get one more project out of this gallon, and then I will have to buy another. I suppose I have got my moneys worth.
Painting progress
The Doors

The Finished product:

The hardware is the original hardware, I just cleaned it up a little. I can see maybe I need to paint the side of the door there, and perhaps some caulking around the top there.
Given how short it is, I'm playing with the idea of adding small legs (about 3 inches) to the bottom to raise it more to a true "buffet" height. Any thoughts on that idea?


  1. it looks SO much better in the white! and i think your cat is enjoying it as well! ;) thanks for joining my party!

  2. It looks so chic being white...and it matches so well with your decor. Legs would look great too...it'd add some visual interest and might coordinate with your other table that way. It looks fantastic as it is though!

    Great job!!