Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Moving into this new apartment was the first time in which I actually had access to the apartment before the day I was scheduled to move in. This meant I could paint without having to maneuver around furniture! I decided to take advantage of this opportunity and paint my bedroom. Just as a reminder, here is what my bedroom looked like when I took possession of the apartment:

After being inspired by posts I had recently seen on other blogs, I had my color! The post that really sealed the deal was from Courtney on Courtney Out Loud. Courtney painted a wall in his living room seal grey, by Glidden. He then stenciled the wall, which looks AMAZING. However, I'm not sure I have the patience nor the skill to pull that off! So for now I have just gone with the seal grey. I got it at Home Depot (That's who carries Glidden, at least in this area.)
Above: Franklin enjoys the new color on the walls
I am really happy with the color itself and the way it looks in the room- I just need to do a little touch up/detail work at this point. As you can see, Franklin is enjoying it.
The light is kind of funky in these pictures, obviously I took them a little later than I should have. They'll have to work for now but perhaps I'll take some better ones soon.

Another thing I did, that you can see in the pictures, is put up some white curtains over the sliding glass door. I think they really add to the luxurious feel of the room.
The pictures point out to me a few things that are needed: A HEADBOARD!!, a chair for the desk, some other stuff for the walls. I'm sure an idea for the walls will come to me eventually. I'm enjoying taking my time arranging and decorating. As you can see, for now I've just been leaning things against the wall where I think they might eventually go.
Also, any suggestions about what I should do with that mirrored bookcase? Paint it white? stain it? Leave it as is?

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  1. Wow! Looks so great! I love the desk. You've been hard at work missy!


    PS-Paint that bookcase white girl! It would look so chic.