Thursday, November 26, 2009


 The pink color in my armoire has been bothering me recently. I am trying to build a living room that is cohesive, and the pink was just not working with the other colors in the room. Either because this week has been rough or because I felt free for Thanksgiving Day break, I decided it was time to repaint the inside of the armoire. But what color? Perhaps a grey.

Not long after I decided this, I remembered that I have some grey paint in my closet! I bought this paint nearly a year ago to paint a table thinking it was black, but it turned out to be much lighter, more of a grey. Since I had all the supplies I needed to do this, I decided to get to it!

(remember this?)

It's nearly ready for the doors to be put back on, and the TV back in place. At the moment I haven't painted the little compartment on the bottom, where my DVD player is. I may do it in the future (like..tomorrow?) but its a much more manageable amount of that crazy pink.

Better, no?

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