Friday, July 6, 2012

New Butterick Sewing Patterns

Butterick seems to have put out some new sewing patterns recently. I haven't seen many reviews of them so I thought I'd do one myself. Perhaps there haven't been many reviews because the patterns are pretty basic.

In the "I'd make that" category is:
B5781- The dress looks a little like a skating dress, which I like quite a bit. 

B5778- I can see myself wearing this dress a lot. I like the seams on the front and the gathered skirt. I think it would be great with sleeves as well, as a winter dress. 

B5770- This is a See 'n' Sew Pattern. While its not terribly original, it does look like it would make a nice shirt for work. I can see myself picking up this pattern and making it several times.

B5785-  This is another shirt that has probably been done before, but I really love how it looks in the drawing below. I can't see myself wearing the tunic version, but the regular length one I would wear in both sleeve lengths.

That's all I found to be noteworthy. What did you think of the new Butterick patterns? Did I miss anything?

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  1. I'm currently trying to get the sleeves into the armholes without any gathers and am having a heckofa time. Using 5785
    Anyone else?