Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Sewing Room: Keeping it Real

Since my last post, I have moved all my sewing supplies up to the second bedroom. Here are some photos of how it looks now (pardon the mess!) I'm still trying to figure out the best placement of the furniture and all the gadgets I need. I also plan to put some things on the wall-- currently all my notions are in the closet but they would be more easily accessible on a shelf.

And I need to repaint my desk...but I love the light that comes thru these windows.

My ironing board.

This book case is going to have to move elsewhere. I don't use my statistics and calculus texts much while sewing, although they'd probably make nice pattern weights.

Nice view out the window!

I'm not the only one that's enjoying the light in the new sewing space:

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