Monday, February 13, 2012

Cha Cha Cha Changes

One of the things I was most excited about when I moved into my condo was the basement, and my plans to make it my sewing space.

I've done that now, and I have to be honest. I don't like it. It's dark. It's kind of cold, and its dark. There is one small closet that I can store things in, and the rest of the stuff is out on a big wire shelf. It's ugly. I haven't posted pictures before because it never looks good in pictures, regardless of the amount of cleaning I do. But here are some pictures now...
While painting the walls white- ceiling tiles removed because of water damage from the kitchen flooding

The area that now houses my elliptical

In the meantime, I have a nearly empty upstairs second bedroom with amazing light that I don't use. So while I was planning to make that into a guest room, but I spent last weekend carrying up a bunch of sewing things to make that room my sewing area. This is my space and I should use it however makes me most happy! I can always get an air mattress for guests to use in the sewing room instead of the bed...or hey, why not make the basement a "guest room"?


  1. Guest rooms are overated. If Rambo and I get a three bedroom house like we hope, we'll have the master bedroom to share ( of course) but we'll also each have our own rooms. I'm going to have a pretty pink office and he'll be rocking a video game room. Air mattresses are cheaper anyways. :)

  2. Turn the basment into a guest room. You have to finish painting! I see some thin spot. Alos do an awesome over head projector art on the wall and make some cute curtins!! It will be cute and sassy in no time. Have I mentioned I an N V Us!?

    1. Yea, those are really in-progress pictures. It has all received a second/3rd coat now and looks solid.

  3. It's not *so* bad, I think. Anyways, Apartmenttherapy has a roundup of innovative craft rooms: Inspiration?