Monday, July 4, 2011

Another Butterick 5466 Skirt

I've really been on a roll with sewing this summer. And, I wasn't lying when I said I had used this same pattern for more than one skirt. I love, love this pattern. I love the simple straight silhouette and the fact that it sews up incredibly quick, so I can make them in any/every color that I fancy. It also only takes about a yard of fabric, making it inexpensive even with regular fabric, but also entirely likely I will find remnants or clearance fabric to use.

And that's exactly happened with this one. I found just under a yard of this fabric on the clearance table at Joann's on one of those days when everything on clearance was an extra 50% off. I think I paid about $1.50 for the whole piece.  It's a silky fabric, but the gold portions of the pattern are embossed. 

I've already worn this skirt to work once, and I am really liking the interest it adds to my wardrobe. I actually wore it to work with the red shoes I have on in these pictures, a similar white shirt and a navy knit open cardigan I got recently at H&M.

This skirt is also good for hanging out by the dumpster in your apartment complex. I need to learn to pay more attention to my hands when posing. I have quite a few shots that are decent except for my hand in some crazy looking position. :) I guess I am not America's Next Top Model.