Monday, June 27, 2011

Dress: Vogue 1236

I can't remember if I saw someone else that made this pattern, or if I just came across it myself, but either way, it is awesome. V1236 is a DKNY pattern, and probably can be used with about any type of fabric you fancy. The envelope says Seersucker, Chambray, jersey.
I used a cotton sateen, from the Lisette line at Joann's.

I really liked this fabric upon first touch, so I bought it without a solid plan for use. I think the fabric matches the feel of the dress pretty well, and I am quite happy with the outcome!
The dress includes pockets, and although it wasn't the first time I have attempted pockets, this is the first garment I've actually worn with pockets! I do wish the dress was an inch or so longer.

No, that's not a nicotine patch on my arm. I've been having muscle spasms in my shoulder and was trying those goofy icyhot patches. Results are inconclusive.
I have worn this dress to work, on a weekend for just running errands, and to a BBQ. At work, no one immediately said "oh, did you make that?" which I think is a good thing! At the BBQ, someone asked me where I got the dress, and when I said I made it, she asked me where I sold my clothes! Yikes! While in the future I would love to have an Etsy store or something, for now I am enjoying sewing for myself, at my own pace. 
I do think I will be making this pattern again. I need to play with the fit a bit- I made a muslin of this pattern of the size I would "normally" cut, and it was HUGE! I ended up cutting this dress two sizes smaller, and then shortened the shoulder area a bit because the neckline was too low for my comfort. Perhaps I can cut the top part a smaller size and then taper the skirt out a bit (the whole dress is only two pieces!)? I've never attempted an alteration like that but it seems like it could work. 


  1. 'Looks great.
    I've noticed I need to be leery of dresses with pockets (depending on the shape), they can really make my hips look a lot wider than they are.

  2. I now have three dresses with pockets and love them!! It looks great, Allison. I keep telling Dan that I want a sewing machine so that I can make myself dresses. And clothes for the boys.

  3. Love your dress! I have this pattern but wasn't sure what fabric to make it in - I think your choice of fabric is perfect. It looks wonderful on you.