Monday, June 20, 2011

Skirt: Butterick 5466

Painting isn't all I do. You may remember that I got a new sewing machine for Christmas this year, and I have spent some time making not only grocery bags and placemats, but also dabbling in clothing. It's been a slow process of learning how to pick patterns that aren't too hard, picking fabric and getting all the little extras that make sewing easier. I've made a couple things in the past with my old machine, with varying degrees of success. 

Following some fashion blogs leaves my wish list for clothing ever expanding and my wallet ever thin. Sewing is really kind of a nice way to acquire some trendy things I see on blogs. This pink skirt is one I made a while you can see by the snow on the ground. I made it using bright pink bottom weight fabric from Joann's, which I bought for something like $4 a yard (and this particular pattern takes under 2 yards). I definitely bought this pattern on sale, for $1-2. 
Butterick 5466
I made the 4th version, the yellowy one. Full disclosure: Before I cut into my beloved pink fabric, I made a practice version, with the narrow waist band. I'm glad I did that, because I really wasn't a fan. I have since remade that skirt to be sans waistband. 

Don't mind the wrinkles. This is what happens when you wear clothing in real life

I really like this skirt, and I've actually used this pattern twice subsequently. I'll have to post pictures of those skirts as soon as I take them... I have quite a backlog of projects that I haven't photographed. oops.

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