Sunday, March 11, 2012

Early Summer Butterick Patterns!

As if I don't have enough patterns already, I've looked over the new "early summer" offerings from Butterick and made some picks.

First, B5749:

I like this one because it looks dressy, but not so dressy that I couldn't wear it to work. I like the draping of the neck and waist. 


Another one that I see as versatile, able to dress up or down. Plus it looks very breezy and summery.

I really like view B of this pattern. I am currently digging the look of the skirt. I'm unsure if I would leave the ruffle on there or not, but I guess it gives it some nice visual appeal. 

Unfortunately this round of patterns lacks any in the "WTF" category, I have no snarky comments to make about any of them!


  1. Ha...great minds think alike! That fabric would be cute in a breezy dress! Can't wait to see what you fashion!
    Art Attack

  2. These are cute! It *almost* makes me wish I had a business casual work environment in which to wear such things. Almost ;)

  3. Thank you for the kudos on my shirt and jolting me that I had the skirt pattern # wrong!
    Art Attack

  4. Also, I like these dresses you've posted...must check them out