Friday, December 2, 2011

Black Friday Purchases

Black Friday was a great day for my condo-- I purchased laminate flooring for the living room, dinning room, kitchen and hallway, AND a new washer and dryer.
I posted a teaser picture earlier this week of the flooring samples I was considering.
Before I got the samples home, I thought that I would put laminate flooring in the living and dinning rooms, and hallway, and then put a vinyl in the kitchen, 
but once I laid them on the floor to compare, I decided there was no reason to not put the laminate in the kitchen. I think the color will look great with the cabinets (unsure about the counters, but those might go anway)

Unfortunately for me, the store didn't have enough of the product I picked in stock, so they had to order it, and what do you know but this flooring is back ordered. Luckily this seems to be a pretty nimble industry, as my scheduled delivery date is next Friday. (When I heard back ordered on the phone, I thought weeks/months, not 7 more days!)
So my new floors should be in and all pretty in about 2 weeks!

In addition, I also bought myself a new washing machine and dryer!
My current washer and dryer came with the condo and are older than I am. The washer is a paltry 1.75 cubic feet (standard now is more like 3.4-3.5) and the dryer is extremely inefficient.

I had to be cognizant of my budget, and thus decided to go with the Admiral brand washer and dryer from Home Depot. On black Friday they were $249 each, so I got the set for just over $500 including hoses/cords and tax.

I am super excited to not have to tiny loads--twice as many as usual--and to not have to run my dryer twice to get a load of clothes dry!


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  1. And my Black Friday purchases were just a few of Anthropolgie's 50% off clearance...I think you did better than me ;)