Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Mother's Kitchen: The Beginning

So the kitchen at my mother's house has seen better days. It's rather outdated. And since I have been keeping up with blogs, seen lots of kitchen make overs, have a good imagination and am slightly ignorant about how hard this might be, I've decided that my mothers Christmas present this year will be a makeover for her kitchen. I unfortunately don't have any GREAT pictures of just the kitchen, so bear with me here.

Actually, several years ago while home from college for Christmas, I repainted the kitchen. The kitchen originally had wallpaper, so I stripped that and then painted. (Ignore all the clutter in the coming pictures, plllleeease)

So to explain. The counter tops are a lovely royal blue, the cabinets are a rather dark wood and the floor is in bad shape. I kind of dig the pattern, in a "it's vintage" kind of way, but the condition of the floor is just not good. It's one of those floors that never looks clean regardless of when you last cleaned it. One thing that is hard to see from these pictures is the "peninsula" (you know, like an island but against the wall on one side). It is exactly the same in terms of counters and cabinets.

So during that visit many years ago, I took down the wall paper (which you can see I've started in the above pictures) and repainted.

And just for good measure, here is a picture of my adorable brother, his puppy and the ugly floor:

So obviously I have my work cut out for me. I'll explain in detail what I'm planning to do in a future post (perhaps next week...), but first, I want to know--what DIY updates would you suggest I attempt?


  1. I would suggest a tile backsplash for sure.

  2. Paint everything shades of white (even the cabinets)... that counter top might look really cool with everything else being neutral! If you have a limited budget you could buy those inexpensive stick-on tiles and make a really pretty checkerboard design with white and cream colored tiles right on top of the floors that are there now.


  3. White paint would really make it work. I agree with Tania in her comment. Let the counter be the main color focal point & maybe once everything is white a little bit more of the counter top color in a small border by the ceiling.

  4. well, I don't envy you that's for sure! since I JUST finished my kitchen, well, not really, it's still not done!
    Preparation of the wood is the key. Follow all the right steps and you should be fine. Thin coats of paint work a LOT better than thick coats.
    good luck!