Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcome to My Home, Volume 2: Recent Thrifting Finds

I wanted to share some of my recent thrifting finds. I like to browse the Salvation Army, looking for treasures, which I sometimes find. This week I was particularly successful. After seeing it in several kitchens in blog land, I decided I needed to start my very own collection of colorful Pyrex dishes. Boy, was I in luck!! I found a Spring Blossom Green mixing bowl. Apparently collecting vintage pyrex is kind of a cult thing, there are several websites devoted to it- the one I used to identify the bowl I got is www.pyrexlove.com. In case anyone is looking to buy me a book to guide my collection, there is "PYREX: The Unauthorized Collector's Guide (Schiffer Book for Collectors)" available for sale.
This picture makes the bowl look particularly scratched- I think its just how the light is coming through. Regardless, Its a good start to my collection and will look nice in my cabinets or on my counter. Not bad for $2.99.

The second thing I found doesn't have a name...at least not that I know of. It's metal- perhaps bronze, it has a lid like a jar, but is also has cut outs. It is very pretty. I imagine using it on my dresser or in the bathroom, to store cotton balls, q-tips or even make up brushes. I really dig the cut out pattern--it reminds me of the lamp in the living room. This little gem cleaned up very nicely, and maybe, just maybe, will look even better after some spray paint. Kelly green, anyone? This baby was a little more expensive at $4.99, but I had to have it.

The last thing I bought is a pair of wooden candle sticks. Sure, they look silly now. But after a cleaning, a light sanding and some spray paint, they will look completely different. The hardest part here is deciding what color! I could go wimpy- white or black,or something more dramatic? Can't beat the price here at $1.99 for the pair.


  1. What fabulous finds!!! I absolutely *HEART* the metal canister... It's gorgeous!! I wouldn't spray paint it... I think it's perfect as is! :)

  2. I love Pyrex and your bronze thingy magiggy! Hehe it looks so pretty!