Friday, May 28, 2010

Apartment Tour: Office

I recently had a beginning photographer come to my apartment and take some pictures for me. It was an exchange-- she wanted practice taking pictures of architecture/homes, and I wanted some better quality pictures of my work. We took pictures of all of the rooms in my apartment, it took about an hour. It was really nerve wrecking to have someone taking pictures!
I decided I will share the pictures officially room by room. So today I will start with my office.

I spent some time last summer working on my office, to make it less of a dumping ground for everything random in my apartment to more of an actual office I could use for school work. I purged, cleaned, organized and purged again. I originally had two desks in the room situated in an L shape, and a hideous rug and wheely desk chair. I ended up getting rid of one of the two desks, repainting the remaining desk, replacing the wheely chair with one of my extra kitchen chairs and adding a few items.

I got the lamp at the Christmas Tree Store on a trip home to Vermont (although now one has opened up near me!), and made the paper flowers myself with a kit from Martha Stewart that I found at Michaels.

As you can see, the walls are vast and empty. I made an attempt at covering some of that empty wall space by framing some pretty paper that I got at Target.

You may remember that I also put up some shelves on the opposite wall for the cats to climb on. I didn't have the photographer (Willow) take any pictures of those, but you can see them  here.

Part of my purging was some serious reorganization of the closet in that room. I bought a bookcase to hold my binders and some office supplies, and added in a metal shelving unit I had and some plastic boxes to organize my sewing supplies and other craft supplies in a pretty way. I have a longer post about that project here.

I also added a chair that I found at a garage sale (here) At this point, I haven't actually done anything with the chair. It's waiting for a rainy day, I guess. Or waiting for me to find the perfect fabric and get brave enough to rip the thing apart. When my family made a visit lately, they brought along a bookcase I had as a kid. It's 3 shelves, and has a mirrored back. Currently it is unfinished, and I have sanded it in preparation for painting, but I haven't decided what color I want to use. I think I want to do something bold-- perhaps turquoise. But again, I'm not rushing into this project.

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