Sunday, July 12, 2009

File it under future projects

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Since I can't be crafting 24-7, but I can constantly come across projects I would like to do, I decided I should start posting about those projects. I have a bookmarks folder called "projects" that is about a full page long. When I'm reading blogs or looking at other websites (Real Simple, Martha Stewart, etc) and find a project I like, I bookmark it so I can find it easily on a rainy day. Now, its very likely that some of these projects I won't ever do, mainly for lack of a good use for them. Like, I don't have a backyard, so any backyard projects aren't going to work for me at this point. So anyway, maybe someone reading the blog can use these ideas I have compiled.
I found this Starburst Mirror project just yesterday. Mirrors like this are quite expensive, even at Target. This project uses a lot of inexpensive, readily available materials like popsicle sticks, which makes it easy to do. But my favorite thing about this idea is the possibility for changing it up. The layout of the popsicle sticks, the backing they used, even the size, all of these things can be changed. Maybe it is just their picture, but I would prefer a much shinier finish.

I also really like the coat rack in that picture. If I had a good place to hang something like that (or the need-- closets abound in my apartment!) I would be looking to find that rack.

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