Sunday, April 22, 2012

May Punch List

It's been a couple months since I've updated my punch list, but here goes:
Here is my room by room punch list. It's still growing.

My focus for May is going to be 
  • Removing the lava rocks from the garden and replacing with mulch
  • convincing Mike its time to start the baseboards
  • Possibly getting a new dishwasher
  • Continuing to replace outlets and switches throughout the whole house

Throughout whole house:
  • Replace lightswitches and outlets with new, white ones- Done about 8 of them! Getting there.
  • Replace lightswitch covers and outlet covers
  • Have GCI outlets installed in bathroom, kitchen;- scheduled for Dec. 22
  • Purchase and install programmable thermostat
  • Purchase and install new smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detector
  • New Windows! Details soon.
  • Paint trim on new windows- In progress
  • Replace old gross air vents with new ones
  • Paint Cabinets (in progress)
  • replace counter tops?
  • replace floor- purchased! Installed!
  • Decide on color and paint walls
  • paint trim
  • Install under-cabinet lights
  • Replace Fridge, Dishwasher, Range <- New dishwasher is in the works. Current one died last week! :(
Living Room
  • Paint Walls "Wild Aster"
  • Pick out, buy and Install baseboards
  • Paint Trim
  • Replace carpet with laminate!?? <- Purchased! Waiting to get installed!
  • Hang Curtains
  • Get new Couch
  • Hang Art, mirrors- Still some work to do here
  • Hang blinds?

  • Decide on color and paint walls
  • Paint trim
  • Paint Closet
  • Redo Closet system
  • Hnng Curtains
  • Hang art, mirrors
  • Replace carpet
  • Remove shower doors
  • Hang shower curtain
  • paint vanity
  • paint trim
  • Replace or Frame mirror
  • Remove Wallpaper
  • Decide on color and Paint walls
  • Clean grout or regrout?
  • Replace Faucet AND sink!
Second Bedroom
  • Decide on color and paint walls
  • Paint trim
  • Redo closet?
  • Replace carpet
  • Paint paneling white <-!! Details coming!
  • fix water damaged walls (probably a contractor will do this)
  • replace carpet
  • Finish basement bathroom (what a nutty set up!)
  • organize and set up sewing area
  • replace washer and dryer? Ordered! Delivery Dec. 6th!
Gardens (writing a whole series of posts on the gardens right now)
  • Prune shrub <- done with help of Master gardener neighbor. Deets soon.
  • Remove ugly vine
  • Remove lava rocks and 
    • replace with mulch
  • Pick out and plant flowers for two side gardens

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