Saturday, April 3, 2010

Past Project

About the same time I was working on recovering the chair in my living room, I came across a tutorial for making a tote bag, similar to the shopping bags seen in stores. I had some left over from my chair project, so I decided to make a bag out of the same fabric. Who doesn't need a bag to match her furniture! You can see the tutorial here: Sew, Mama, Sew
The bag was really easy to make, as suggested in the tutorial! I was surprised. I made the whole thing in about an hour, and its still working very well. So far it has carried personal items for a day trip, groceries, library books, food to school, etc etc...its a great size.

I want to make more of them, but try to change them up a little- for example, this bag has one pocket on the front. I think a pocket on the inside would be great. Also, why not two smaller pockets across the front? I'd also like to try making different sizes. Guess what everyone is getting for christmas this year!!

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